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The Ward of Cheap is one of the leading business Wards in the City of London. It has been extremely well-served, since 2007, by the past Lord Mayor Alderman Lord Mountevans who resigned on the 15th May. This means there will be an Aldermanic election on 5th July.  Therefore, I am taking this opportunity to introduce myself and explain why I am suitably qualified to serve you as your next Alderman.

If elected as your next Alderman I will be in a position to use my experience to represent you, your interests and your business. After many meetings with voters I have learned that the following are the most important priorities for our Ward:

  • Ensuring Cheap remains an attractive and pleasant area in which to come and work;
  • Building community and networks amongst workers and businesses for their mutual benefit;
  • Whatever the Brexit outcome, protecting the best interests of the City;
  • Championing responsible investment and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals;
  • Harnessing the City’s traditional expertise with its growing technology skills to create the world’s leading fintech hub;
  • Continuing my ongoing commitment to charity and caring for those in need;

Experience that qualifies me to serve as your next Alderman include:

  • Extensive experience on Common Council; I was elected three times in eight years during which time I was the chairman of the Investment Committee responsible for the Corporation’s assets (which allows it to operate so effectively) and served on the Policy & Resources Committee (which is the main decision-making body), the Police, Finance and other Committees.
  • A career in Financial Services spanning 25 years; I have plenty of experience to draw on as I seek to represent the people and businesses in Cheap;
  • Working daily in the City of London; I come in to work in the City every day and have first-hand experience of the stresses and strains that so many of us are under.
  • Affiliation with the Ward of Cheap; I started work just off Cheapside, my Livery Company, the Haberdashers, has its’ roots in Gresham Street going back to 1458 and I am a member of the Ward of Cheap Club;
  • An ongoing commitment to charity; A Better City for All is, with good reason, the slogan of the Lord Mayor’s Appeal and is something that I, as an Appeal Board member, seek to promote through its pillars of being inclusive, healthy, skilled and fair; and
  • Global Perspective; I am international in my thinking and approach. I was born in Brazil, have lived in South Africa, graduated in European Studies and served in the British Army in Germany and Canada.

I have the desire and am prepared to commit the time to serve you as your Alderman.  I am supported in this by my wife, by Rathbones and by the Haberdashers’ Company. In accordance with the conventions of the City I would stand as a non-party political independent candidate.

Your Prospective Candidate

I have long been interested in financial and political life, and so for me serving in elected office in the City provides a great opportunity to bring these two aspects of my life together.

I have received so much from the City of London: an education at a Livery school; a grant from the Lord Mayor’s 800th anniversary trust for a life- changing mission trip to South America; a stimulating career; and the opportunity to provide for my family.

Throughout my career, having received so much, I have sought to give back to the City and help it to grow and prosper. Following the European Union referendum, the next few years will be particularly challenging, but with wisdom borne of centuries of experience I believe the City can remain the world’s leading financial, legal and professional services centre.

Meeting Challenges

The City of London faces a number of challenges; from Brexit, to the unwinding of Quantative Easing and a growing regulatory burden.  Alongside this there is a growing awareness that the increased burden of debt; public, private and personal may not be sustainable, and is increasing the divisions within society.  These are issues that the City needs consider creatively and respond to, and are areas that I would like to address.

Leading the world

The Corporation of London plays a vital role supporting and promoting London as the world’s leading financial and business centre, partnering with local communities to increase opportunities for all Londoners and enhancing the capital as a culture hub.  It is headed by the Lord Mayor, who with the other elected members, comprising Aldermen and Common Councilmen make up the Court of Common Council that is the Corporation’s primary decision making assembly.

A Thriving City

For the City to thrive in the future, it needs to be able to stand tall in the context of a changing European and world order, its reputation needs to be restored by continuing to improve the standards of conduct in financial services and by highlighting and further developing its significant charitable contribution, both financial and time, to society.

Thank you for your interest. If you have any questions or would like to discuss any of these matters in person, please call 07470 655 021 or email

Robert Hughes-Penney