City View

Voting is obviously important, and the City of London is the only place in the UK where individuals in businesses have a right to vote. Please make the most of your opportunity. I understand that the unexpected often crops up at work and so I would encourage you to register for a postal vote if you haven’t already done so.

The postal voting link is city/voting- elections/Documents/postal-vote- application.pdf

Meeting Challenges

The City of London faces a number of challenges; from Brexit, to the unwinding of Quantative Easing and a growing regulatory burden. Alongside this there is a growing awareness that the increased burden of debt; public, private and personal may not be sustainable, and is increasing the divisions within society. These are issues that the City needs consider creatively and respond to, and are areas that I would like to address.

Leading the World

The Corporation of London plays a vital role supporting and promoting London as the world’s leading financial and business centre, partnering with local communities to increase opportunities for all Londoners and enhancing the capital as a culture hub. It is headed by the Lord Mayor, who with the other elected members, comprising Aldermen and Common Councilmen make up the Court of Common Council that is the Corporation’s primary decision making assembly.

A Thriving City

For the City to thrive in the future, it needs to be able to stand tall in the context of a changing European and world order, its reputation needs to be restored by continuing to improve the standards of conduct in financial services and by highlighting and further developing its significant charitable contribution, both financial and time, to society.